‘Crossed fingers.’


Crossed fingers.
Crossed like this forever.
There was excitement when they were first crossed.
Excitement to see the desire fulfilled.
Then gradually the excitement lost its charm.
Even the desires got blurry.
Now there is nothing defined .. Neither those feelings. Neither the desires.
Just those fingers.Crossed since ages.
No one remembers why?
years have passed.
Now it just seems normal that way.
For them, this is how it has always been.. No one has seen the not crossed.
Crossed fingers.
Uncrossing them seems odd. abnormal..
Uncrossing them is so against the nature..
Uncrossing them is so against the society….. 🙂 -vibhor.

‘Hippie she’



She’s always been a hippie..
A hippie at heart.
Walked a lot in life.. mostly alone.
Maybe she prefers it like that.. Keeping them in the background.
She doesn’t want them close..
But then, empty background doesn’t look good either..
So be it!
Let them be.
Just not too close.
But close enough to fool the world that she’s a part of the society..
Though she never knew how to be.
Maybe.. she never wanted to.            🙂 -Vibhor.

Little housefly dancing on the tune of violin. (funny video)

Funny! A little housefly dancing on a fast violin solo music of Samvel Yervinyan.

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“TRAPPED” : a short film about life and its traps…

“TRAPPED” : a short film about life and its traps.. about the need to break free. I hope you like it. 🙂
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